Well, look at that.  Seems like we aren’t the only ones that think boot camps are the best way to go.

The LA Times reports that boot camps are the best bang for your buck, and booty.  Lead by professionals, fitness boot camps not only expertly combine strength training and cardio to give you the most effective workouts for faster results, but provide a sense of community that regular gyms just don’t. 

In other words, you have fun while getting fit.

I love the gym.  I love going to a place where everyone is there for the same reasons I am: to get and stay fit, to relieve stress, take care of their health and have a little “me-time” (and yes, as superficial as it sounds, to look slammin’ in a bathing suit.) 

But what is it missing?  A sense of community.  Everyone is so tuned into their magazines and TV shows with ear buds shoved in their skulls that no one talks.  No one laughs.  No one even looks at each other.  I literally fell and dropped a weight while standing on a bench in the middle of the weight room once (don’t ask) and no one said a word to me.  I did the walk of shame to retrieve my weight and left without a single “are you ok?”  (I was, just a little embarrassed.)

Boot camps.  Get your butt kicked at the crack of dawn and love every minute of it.  The best friendships are made while you are laying in the grass gasping for air not knowing whether to laugh or cry because you can’t lift your arms.  When you finally drag yourself to your feet, your workout is done, and you can grab a latte (make sure it’s skinny) before work with your new friends who will support you in your own revolution.

Make friends and get fit.  Get started now.  Start your own revolution.