Let me guess- your New Year’s resolution was to finally eat right and lose weight this year?  It’s mid-February- so how’s it going?

So you pick a diet.  Low calorie, Atkins, whatever.  Average healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week.  That means you could/should have lost at least 6 pounds.  So have you?

I’m guessing no.

Diet, that pesky four letter word.

A diet is what you eat; not how you eat.

If I ate nothing but rocks, tennis ball fuzz, and tin foil, that would be my diet.

When did it morph into something you go on? For a really short amount of time? Like vacation, except you hate every second of it?

I’ve got news.  If you go on a diet, you will fail.  If you set rules with your eating, you are going to fail.  There is no way around it. Why?  Because you aren’t going to be able to eat perfectly all the time. You aren’t going to be able to control everything you eat every second of the day. You are either going to be in situations where you are not preparing the food and can’t plan ahead, or, quite frankly, you aren’t going to be able to control yourself.  Will power wanes, life gets in the way, or sometimes you just want a cookie. And that’s ok.

The best defense against your weight is a good offense: knowledge.  The more you learn about nutrition, fitness, and the way your body works, the easier it is to make small changes and good decisions. The more you know, the easier it will be to see through all the dieting gimmicks and get you to your goals as happily and hunger-free as possible.

I’m a stress eater. When I get stressed, instead of actually dealing with is stressing me, I head to the fridge. Instead of beating myself up over this, and banishing myself from the kitchen, or making some arbitrary rule about “making up for it” later by restricting calories, I stock the fridge with ready to eat fruits and veggies.  I know myself well enough to know that trying to stop this behavior all together is useless, and will only result in my being cranky and miserable.  Instead, I make a small change in what I eat, opting instead for something I know will make me feel good and is good for me, instead of eating something that is going to make me feel guilty or is unhealthy.

Thus, I stress, I grab an apple, I crunch angrily on the healthy fruit and then I deal with what’s going on head on.  I know that not allowing myself to eat anything will not help me.

People make New Year’s resolutions to change something about them selves.  Most people choose to lose weight.  What most people don’t realize is that weight loss is a side effect.  It’s a side effect of learning about your body and wanting to do what’s right for it.  You have to start on the inside.  Don’t beat yourself up, don’t deny yourself, and don’t put yourself in a restrictive diet prison that will only leave you feeling like you don’t measure up.

Try a different approach this year. Right now.  Treat your body with respect.  Your mind and your heart often get overlooked in weight loss programs, but they are the most important part.  Know in your heart that you deserve to be healthy, and arm yourself with knowledge so you can do what’s right for you, not what some book says you should do. The weight loss with follow.

Ready to start your revolution?