Spring and summer are the most popular months to get married, and with those warm outside weddings come strapless gowns and slinky reception dresses.  Inevitably, the panic sets in: on top of all your nuptial planning, there is that layer of winter weight you put on to keep warm.

FitnessMagazine.com is to the rescue, with their six-week fitness boot camp launching just in time for spring and early summer brides.

Besides, who just plain doesn’t want to look good on their wedding day?

And, for you single ladies, I guess it can’t hurt to get in shape in hopes of attracting a possible hubby.
The  program includes:

Bridal boot camp workout videos – everything from specific toning exercises, such as the balance arm curl (you’ll just have to look to find out), to nutrition tips. Most of them about one minute so even if you’re short on time, you can watch, learn and repeat.

Extra moves for specific dress types –  targeted workouts for brides with strapless, backless, form-fitting, or short styles. 

And for you time procrastinating planners, there is a 20-minute circuit workout for buff brides. Because there is plenty to do while getting ready for the big day, all you need is 2 hours a week to fit in cardio, strength training, and interval training.

Check out FitnessMagazine.com to get in shape for your wedding day.  By the end, you’ll be able to carry him over the threshold.

Single?  Already married?  Need someone else to kick you in the butt through your workout?  Sign up for My Revolution Bootcamp!