Simply cutting out fat isn’t going to melt away your body fat.

Cutting body fat has to do with all your food choices. cutting body fat has more to do with what you do eat, instead of what you don’t eat.

There are certain foods that have been proven to actually help your body burn fat. Luckily, they are all simple foods you can easily integrate into your diet.

The spotlight today is on:   Spinach

Spinach is full of Magnesium and B vitamins which aid in all body functions, including your metabolism.  Spinach is also full of iron, foliate and calcium which strengthens bones and teeth. It also contains tons of fiber which keeps you full for longer and spinach is also one of the lowest calorie foods around, at just 7 calories per cup.

Try it out:

Use baby spinach leaves to replace your nutritional devoid iceberg lettuce in salads.

Spinach is great in wraps and sandwiches.

Put spinach in juices and smoothies.  You can’t taste it one bit.

Wilt some fresh spinach into pastas.

Use drained frozen spinach in soups and sauces.