The phrase ‘cutting calories’ evokes visions of starvation and tiny portion sizes, but there are sneaky little ways to cut calories form the foods you are already eating that will help you drop the pounds without feeling deprived. 

  • Use one egg and 3 egg white instead of two whole eggs next time you make scrambled eggs.  You won’t know the difference and you’ll save 60 calories per egg.


  • Eat a turkey burger instead of beef.  Less fat, less calories.


  • Steam veggies instead of sauteeing them in oil.  They stay crunchier that way, too.


  • If you gotta have a bagel (whole wheat, of course) scoop out some of the filling.


  • Order your latte non-fat.  It tastes the same, quit lying to yourself to justify the whole fat.


  • Don’t use butter to keep food from sticking.  Always use non-stick spray.


  • Use feta cheese instead of shredded- it’s more flavorful so you can use less and not notice.


  • Eat baked potatoes instead of mashed.  Yes, you can mash up the baked if you really want to, just don’t add anything extra.


  • Order your salad with dressing on the side and dip your fork instead of dumping it on.


  • Drink water mixed with Crystal Light instead of a sugary sports drink, and save over 100 calories.

Cutting calories doesn’t mean cutting out your favorite foods.  You can still eat the same foods, and save calories by making tiny changes- that you won’t even notice.