(Just not with food, which is what most people tend to do.)

Hitting a fitness goal is a huge accomplishment, yet few take the time to give themselves some credit and bask in the glory for a bit.  I’ve found this is usually because most people look at how far they still have to go, and think, ‘There’s nothing to really be happy about right now, because I have so much more work ahead of me.’

Now what kind of thinking is that?

Each small goal on the way to your big goal, be it weight loss, or training for a race, should be celebrated.  You worked hard, you did what you set out to do and each smaller goal is a step closer to hitting that big one.

Everyone has more goals to hit- if you don’t have a goal, what are you working for?  Even if someone whose sole focus has been weight loss hits that 50 pound mark they have been dreaming of, they aren’t done.  They take some time to congratulate themselves, maybe even cry a few happy tears, and then they find something else to strive for: a 5k, a six-pack, a black belt, whatever it may be.

So how do you celebrate?  Your treat yourself for all your hard work with something that showcases your goal.  Did you lose 10 pounds?  Buy those new jeans you told yourself you would never fit into.  Did you shave a few seconds off your race time?  Time for some new running gear.

You can even get sentimental and have your goal etched onto a nice little pendant for a necklace.  Put your pounds lost, or your miles done, or .  Soon, you’ll have a whole bracelet full of your successes jingling you on as you head towards your next goal.