The number one excuse, by far, as to why people don’t workout consistently is because they don’t have time. 

No one has time.  No one magically has an hour a day where they find themselves staring at the wall because they just don’t have anything to do.  We fill our time on purpose, because doing nothing is boring.  So, sometimes we fill up our time with fun stuff, but more often than not, we fill it up with things we “have” to do.  Then, when we need to fit something in, like exercise, or a little me-time, there is no room.

This is why you have to make time to exercise.  It’s not going to fit seamlessly into your packed schedule, so here are some ways to free up time to get in a workout.

  • The easiest is waking up earlier.  Just wake up an hour earlier and get it done.  You are going to be tired when you wake up either way, so instead of snoozing for another hour, get out of bed and get in your early morning workout.  It will do more for your energy level than that extra hour, anyway. 
  • Consolidate tiny tasks.  I’m guilty of not following this one.  If you look at my planner, which if I lost, you’d find my curled up in the corner with no idea what day it was, it’s full of tiny little errands. Each day is riddled with “Go to the banks,”Go to the post offices,” and “Go to the store for one tiny little thing.”  If you consolidate all these tasks that can definitely wait into one trip on one day a week, you can easily free up hours per week to workout.
  • Turn of the tube. Many people watch TV as a way to relax and unwind, but you might be surprised how many hours you actually watch.  Take just one of those hours per day and get in your workout.  DVR is your friend- record your favorite shows and for the week, and watch them on one day, sans commercials, which will save you even more time.
  • Prep your meals for the week.  You gotta eat everyday, so instead of spending time everyday cooking up your meals, prep them all for the week on Sunday so you can just throw them together when it comes time to eat- saving tons of time, and even a few trips through the drive-thru, which is doing NOTHING for your goals.
  • Delegate tasks.  Give up some control.  Your kids can do some housework, like laundry, dishes and vacuuming, and let your spouse take care of paying the bills or doing the grocery shopping every once in a while.  This will save you time and give you a little bit of that ‘life balance’ everyone keeps talking about.


If this still doesn’t free up enough time for you, try to find your individual time sucks.  Everyone’s schedule is different so take a day or two and write down everything you do every minute of the day.  It sounds horribly time-consuming (which also sounds counterproductive to the topic of today’s post) but you may be surprised how many unimportant things suck up your time.  Try eliminating just a few and you may soon find yourself with an hour or two to kill, and I know just the place to do it.