Cravings hit.  They aren’t a side of weakness, they are actual, physical cravings your body gives you because it wants something.  Isn’t that nice?

Sometimes you’ll have a water craving (thirst), or a food-in-general craving (hunger), or sometimes you will have a specific craving for a certain food.  This means your body needs it and you can have it right?

Wrong. Usually when you have a craving, let’s for this example use sugar, because it is the most common, but it can also be a salty craving, or a crunchy craving, it’s because your body is out of whack.

Sugar cravings work thusly:  you eat sugar, it dumps into your system, is burned quickly, depleting your energy.  Your body needs energy quick, so it signals your brain to make you crave sugar, so you go get it, eat it, and get more energy quickly, which starts the cycle all over again.  Sure, the glucose is used, but those calories remain.  And are soon stockpiled after you’ve made continual trips to pantry for more cookies.

So what do you do?  You have two options:

Give in and eat it- but the RIGHT way. If you are craving sugar, eat it all in one snack- don’t graze on sugar all day long.  Knowing you will be able to have it will keep you from going nuts, but consolidating it into one 150 calorie snack will ensure you don’t overindulge, and keep your blood sugar in check.

Skip it. But how? My body is SCREAMING for it!  Relax.  You don’t need it, and cravings pass in a few minutes anyway, so all you have to do it resist.  Go for a walk and get your endorphins going.  Drink some water to fill your belly.  Brush your teeth to freshen your mouth.

Cravings are real, but they aren’t life and death.  You are bigger than some craving trying to derail you from your goals, so crush it with a strategy that works for you.